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Welcome to MMM Philippines Community Forum for all MMM Participants to become updated and a place to go when they have concerns about discuss among the community. Strictly other business, activities or topic not involve with MMM is not allowed so please behaved. Thank You for cooperation. Together we can change the world.
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 Most Frequently Ask Question About MMM Community

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PostSubject: Most Frequently Ask Question About MMM Community   Most Frequently Ask Question About MMM Community EmptyFri Jan 22, 2016 9:00 pm

MMM Philippines

What Is MMM Community?
Is MMM a company?

MMM isn’t a company, organization or any kind of business. Being not as such, MMM Community doesn’t, accordingly: possess a personal account, render any services and enter into legal relations with anybody. MMM – is a consolidation of physical persons with the aim of giving mutual help to each other and changing the character of financial relations among people. To reach this aim MMM has an operative ideology, effective scheme of mutual payments, offices in different countries, a plenty of official and private sites of participants, as well as the database of the given participants. In other words there is nobody who transfers funds to MMM or gets funds from MMM. The Community is just connecting (is presenting contact details) people who wants to give help with those who want to get it.

Is MMM a pyramid scheme?
A classic pyramid scheme (or Ponzi scheme) is an investment project in which the participant is promised to get a quick profit if he invests his funds in profitable business projects. But in reality, the organizers of this investment project are frauds, they deceive their customers: money will not be reinvested, the early participants get money from later ones.
In this sense, MMM is not a Ponzi scheme. Because MMM is not an investment project. In MMM there are no promises or guarantees. In MMM money is really redistributed between participants and it is not invested anywhere. Participants receive more than they gave, just by increasing the number of the Community members.
The redistribution of money in a pyramid scheme is just one of the instruments of mutual assistance. If the flow of participants is low and even stops completely, the Community work will not stop, but other algorithms of donation exchange will be used.
The pyramid scheme has now become a widespread model for financial institutions. They do not create new products, but attract new customers and money to pay the “old” customers. So all the banks, insurance companies, projects, multi-level marketing, and in general any company, drowning in debt, began to work on a pyramid scheme.
However, MMM is not a financial institution. Except the different set of algorithms of functioning, in MMM there is (and this is very important!) a goal and ideological people willing to work to achieve this goal. When the Corporation becomes unprofitable, it becomes unnecessary for its owners and it closes down. For example, for Microsoft money is a goal. For MMM money is a tool. That is why MMM is stronger than any financial institution. Illustration of a long-term functioning of the MMM Community is its existence for 4 years already (since January, 2011).

Is MMM a MLM (multi-level marketing) project?
No, it is not. There aren’t any products or goods to be sold or consumed. The main idea of MMM is that giving money has to be on a mutual basis and mustn’t be caused by rendering services or performing sales. Compared to MLM projects participants of MMM aren’t bound to invite new participants. Needless to say, that informing your friends and people you know about the Community is welcome. But even if you aren’t going to invite anybody, in line with others you’ll be able to provide and get help in any case.

What's the difference between MMM and crypto-currency (Bitcoin, Litecoin and others)?
There is a conventional currency unit – mavro – used in MMM. It specifies the amount of help you provided to other participants. However mavros profoundly differs from bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. Crypto-currencies are a speculative tool. They are purchased through the exchange market and their rate fluctuates due to supply and demand index. In MMM participants do not take part in a stock jobbing, but directly give money to each other. Therefore in functional approach it’s much easier to participate in the Community than to deal with crypto-currencies. You won’t need any stock knowledge to open a bid, to pay fees to stockbrokers, etc. Everything is as simple as possible: enter the personal office (PO), indicate what amount you’d like to grant or accept as a gift. Both a recipient and a sender of help are chosen automatically, you transfer and get funds – and that’s it!

Is it possible to earn money in MMM?
Since MMM isn’t an economic project or agent, money here isn’t earned but granted. There aren’t any guarantees that you’ll be granted more than YOU granted. But if in a certain period of time after your provision of help the number of our Community’s members increased, the more likely that they will be able to assist you on a higher amount (see the section on Mutual-Aid Programs). Of course, there are different periods, as well as everywhere where money is circulating: its participants are also sensitive to external events and news background. There were moments in the history of MMM when the number of requests for help exceeded the number of applications for its provision. In the light of this experience, the MMM Community has developed a number of mechanisms that give participants an opportunity to wait out the difficulties and finally get help for a higher amount than they have provided. The highly effective strategy of participation in MMM – is regular donations of small (non-critical for you) sums of money and a regular request for help as needed. This strategy means that it is unlikely that sooner or later, you don’t go out into a plus (see the section on Risks). But remember: the main thing is not to get more than you gave, it isn’t “a profit-making business”, but the process itself for getting and providing help.

Is it possible to lose money in MMM?
Since MMM is neither the bank nor the investment project, then, strictly speaking, losing your donated funds is impossible because there are no invested funds themselves, and therefore being provided as a gift they cannot be considered a loss itself. But it is possible that you have given help worth more than received. Therefore, in the interests of psychological safety, it is necessary to give help in the amount that you are willing to give gratuitously. At the same time, it’s quite logical and predictable that anyone who regularly grants money in the future will get more than granted, because the number of participants in the community of MMM is constantly growing.

What is the goal of MMM?
The purpose of the MMM is to motivate unknown people to give each other money without any conditions, within the frame of a fund or mutual aid bank. And thus evolutionary to change the character of socio-economic relations. Unlike charitable institutions that offer help for people who found themselves in a difficult situation, MMM has reciprocal assistance: all help all people, everyone helps everyone. This opens the way to a new, more humane and fair society in which the motivation to work will no longer be of a hard financial character.

Who is MMM guided by?
MMM is not a corporation which has shareholders, owners, or a director. Those who develop MMM, are not employees, but free people working voluntarily. You can manage free people to work not on the basis of laws and orders, and not through a financial coercion, but through sound advice and suggestions. The idea of creating a global community of mutual aid belongs to Sergey Mavrodi, who founded MMM and is its leader. Furthermore, he has the right of an arbitrator in resolving conceptual disputes and conflicts inherent in any social community. Inconsiderable current controversies resolved by administrative management team and authorized persons, forming the Audit Office (CRO – Control and Revision Office). It is the personality of Mavrodi who allows the Community to remain united despite any difficulties. At the same time МММ appreciates each member of the Community and their ideas and offers

Who is participating in MMM?
Any person over the age of 18 is able to join the MMM Community. There is absolutely equal treatment to members of different age and social groups, work status and political backgrounds, countries and religions. The Community doesn’t contrast people one against another and doesn’t act on the principle of “divide and conquer”. In the contemporary world, it is impossible to live alone, people have something to give to others and something to take from them. Everyone contributes to the common good. Therefore, MMM doesn’t put any barriers to membership in the Community. It is a new level social network where people not only communicate and get acquainted, but also help each other financially and thus combining the idea of social networks and crowd funding in a single entity.

Is MMM acting on legal grounds?
MMM has no financial accounts and thus has no need for legal registration. MMM is the community, the social network, where people who are willing to help each other voluntarily, can register and leave their contact information. Thus, the members of the MMM Community have no financial relationship with the Community itself, but with each other. That is why MMM is not a subject of legal relations, and so the MMM Community may not be illegal. With regard to the legality of its participants’ activity, it can be qualified as an act of gracious donation. Giving money by one participant to another one is not prohibited by either international or local legal systems. The right for gift giving – is one of the main forms of realization of the right for private property.

Do I have to pay tax on the money received as a gift?
In most countries, giving a small amount of money is not taxable. If your country is not the case, we call you to pay corresponding tax – MMM Community always encourages its participants to strictly follow the legislation of those countries whose citizens or residents they are.

How Is MMM Functioning?
What is a ‘Personal Office’ (PO)?

This is the main operating program of MMM, it’s a kind of interface – the personalized section of the site, available for registered members. The Personal Office displays information related to membership in the Community, it’s possible to get, provide and confirm help, to enter and edit your personal contact details, to register newcomers and manage their PO, to select a referrer and a manager, to have support from consultants, to enter into a direct relationship with the recipient or assistance provider, adjust the time of delivery/receipt of help, etc. You should donate money only through Personal Office (PO) and only after you created a request for providing help for a certain amount. Access password in PO is sent to a participant after the registration. Logging in your PO and key transactions on funds withdrawal or change in account should be made only after SMS confirmation by the phone. The most frequently visited sections of the PO are desktop where you can find the information part of all operations, and “Mavro”, where you can get acquainted with the current status and expectable growth of the funds on your account,. Particular attention should be paid to the accuracy of filling in the “accounts” section. So that incompleteness or inaccuracy in bank details don’t cause any problems. In case of blocking of your PO due to violations of the rules, the only available operation remains is to contact feedback in order to learn the cause of the blockage and the conditions of its withdrawal.

How can I provide help (donate money)?
To provide help, you need to make a request in your PO. In a short time you will get an order with contact and payment details of the recipient. The participant must pay the request within 36 hours. What is important for the participant is that mavros start to grow as soon as the request to give help has been made, but not when the participant has got the order.

What are the currencies I can use to provide help?
The amount of transactions is calculated in Philippine pesos. Participants can send and receive money through bitcoins (international electronic currency), as well as through Philippine banks and payments systems.

How can I get help (money)?
To get money, you need to make a withdrawal request in your Personal Office. In the request the participant points how much he/she wants to receive: it can be all the money available for withdrawal, or a part of it. The request should also include the way of obtaining money: Perfect Money or Bitcoin. In a hour after the request has been made, the system will generate an order (instruction) with the contact details of the person who must donate the requested amount. If the participant hasn’t been transferred the money within 36 hours, a new order is immediately made. In case of any problems, the participant can always contact the technical support staff.

Who is referrer and referral?
A referrer is a participant of the Community who invited another participant. A referral is someone who was invited. If you registered a new participant or he registered himself by your invitation code, then you’re a referrer, and he is your referral. In PO in the section “Participants”, you can see the list of your referrals (there may be many of them). The referrer gets a referral bonus of 10% every time the referral provides assistance to others (about the amount of a referral bonus, see more details in the section on “Bonus Program”). Any newcomer who came through your referral link will be directed to the registration page of MMM’s website, where he will be automatically considered your referral (your referral link can be found in PO in “My page” and in “Participants – referrals” sections). To place your referral link on other Internet resources you must copy it in the body of the message.

What does 'invite' mean?
This is a verbal invitation code from a participant of MMM, owing to which he can invite other people into the Community and get a referral bonus. For this purpose newcomer writes an invite of inviting person in the appropriate section of the registration form. From that moment on, he becomes your referral. To get a personal invite, go to PO in the section “My page” and specify the meaning word for it. To attract new members by using the invite there are many possibilities depending on the personal creativity and imagination. The most popular of them are:
- handing out business cards;
- distribution of leaflets and booklets;
- participating in the online forums for advertising and shopping sites, personal sites and blogs;
- supporting any distributed promo-advertising materials with the text “by registering in MMM, please use my invite (indicating it further)”;
- opening of MMM clubs in your city;
- charity activity on the behalf of the MMM Community.

What is referral link?
The referral link is the Invite’s analogue, but it is more convenient to attract new members through the Internet.
A person coming to the system through your referral link will be automatically redirected to MMM register page. After registering he automatically becomes your referral. Afterwards, you can receive referral bonuses from the deposits made by the new participant.
The referral link can be found in the MMM PO in the “My page” section, in the “Referrer” inset or in “Participants-Referrals” subsection.
All you need to do – is to click “Show my referral link”, which will open a new window, and copy all the text in the field.

Who are trustees and trustors?
If a participant does not want to make operations in the Personal Office (create requests, process orders), she/he can choose a Trustee who will do it for her/him. The participant who has transferred the rights to manage the PO will be called the Trustor.
There are two ways to establish Trustor-Trustee relationship:
a) The Manager registers a participant and, during registration process, states that he/she is his/her Trustee.
b) The participant indicates in PO himself/herself that he/she makes the Manager his/her Trustee.
Of course, at any moment the participant can change his mind and refuse the Trustee’s service.
In order to protect from abuses from the Trustee’s the most important operations (change of account information for cash-out, creation of application for cash-out, confirmation of getting money) are conducted only through a confirmation code! The confirmation code will be sent by sms to the Trustor.
Besides, when creating applications and assignments for cash-in the trustor will also get the corresponding sms. Other than that, in the case of an assignment to send money, the recipient’s account information will be indicated in the sms.
The Trustee can go into PO of a Trustor right from his/her PO and then the same way can come back easily into his/her personal PO.

What is mavro?
Mavro is a conventional unit for measurement of provided help to other participants in MMM. For instance, if a participant has granted 1000 pesos, he receives 1000 mavro-PHP. Possible Mavro’s growth rate is from 30% per month (in accordance with the mutual aid programme the participant chooses; you can read more about them in the corresponding section). The amount of mavros in the participant’s PO shows the maximum amount of assistance he can ask for. For example, if the participant has 1000 mavro-PHP, he can ask for 100o pesos assistance. The number of growing mavros and progressive calculation of the amount of help can be seen directly in your PO in the section “Mavro”.
Attention! Mavro isn’t a currency, the debt obligation or other form of financial assets. With mavros, you can’t buy any goods or services. At any time the number of mavros, rate of growth and the types of mutual-aid programs can be changed in the interest of the stability of the Community in order that participants continued to get help.

Where can I find information about the amount of donations that I can receive?
You can see the calculation of the mavros amounts directly in your Personal Office in the section “Mavro”.

How many times is it possible to make and to receive donations?
It is unlimited. You can provide assistance even if there is a current request to receive assistance. However, you cannot activate more than one request of assistance at the same time. During this time, you also will not be able to make any changes in the section “My page” and “Accounts”, so you should check in advance the correctness of your data before the request for assistance.

Who are 10th, 100th, 1k Managers or Guider?
These are the ranks (conditional hierarchical status) of managers in the Community, which are determined in proportion to the number of participants in created by managers or their “descendants” team. Managers are experienced and well-informed participants of the Community who consult and help those participants who they lead. Managers don’t have the right to demand the money to be transferred to any account. They just help the members of their unit feel confident in the Community and are responsible for the members whose direct managers they are. Manager’s bonuses from the donations of the participants of their structures have a multilevel character (See the section on bonus programs).

How can I take part in the lottery?
All members of the MMM Сommunity with confirmed mavros have the opportunity to take part in the lottery. The lottery is held weekly on Wednesdays from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM GMT.
To participate in the lottery, you do not need to pay. It is only necessary to pick 6 numbers on the “Lottery” page of the Personal Office before 7:00 AM Wednesday. Those who have guessed 2 or more numbers get the prize.
$1,000 dollars is equally distributed among those who guessed the same numbers. For example, if 100 people have guessed first 3 numbers, then each will receive $10 (=$1,000/100). If 10 people have guessed first 2 numbers, each will receive $100.
The prize fund that hasn’t been won is accumulated and forms a jackpot lottery. For example, if no one matches 6 numbers, the jackpot increases by $1,000. Jackpot lottery is distributed among those who have guessed 6 numbers.

How can I help the MMM Community?
You can make donations or actively attract new members into the Community. It’s necessary to invite participants gently, tactfully, patiently explaining the principle of MMM and its ideological top-objectives. It shouldn’t be just seducing people by “fast money”, but bringing a conception that the idea of MMM is an alternative, innovation, the truth, and that is its strength. Hold charity events, webinars and keep thematic blogs. You should touch upon the theme of MMM in every public, network and private communications, even if it might lead to disputes. Tell about the ideas and objectives of MMM (the basic idea: MMM is a unique fund of mutual aid), give the most impressive examples of your personal experience. Try to find fresh words when writing thank-you letters for given help expressing your sincere feelings about this. If you have any ideas and suggestions on the development of the Community, contact our online consultants. We always welcome our participants’ initiative.

It Nice To Be Important But Most Important Is To Be Nice!!
Together, we can do greater than we can imagine.
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