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Welcome to MMM Philippines Community Forum for all MMM Participants to become updated and a place to go when they have concerns about discuss among the community. Strictly other business, activities or topic not involve with MMM is not allowed so please behaved. Thank You for cooperation. Together we can change the world.
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January 2019
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 Let's All Love MMM In Thoughts, Words And In Deeds!

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PostSubject: Let's All Love MMM In Thoughts, Words And In Deeds!   Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:15 am

I am just an ordinary woman who started very ordinary dreams since childhood. I dreamed to have a very loving family who will be working hard for the betterment of our relationship with God. 
Aside from this, I also dreamed of a deeper involvement in a group of people working hard for their common good. I thought that these dreams of mine will remain dreams forever, not until
I got married and have wonderful children. And what came up next is to see myself infront of many people talking about something which can bring a difference not only in their lives but to my own life as well. Why? It is simply because the more we teach people how to do a thing, the more we would learn to do it more sincerely until such time that the things that we are constantly teaching will become part of our system. 
What I am talking about is the most important thing that we must learn to live with selflessly and this is "love". Whatever we do and wherever we go, love must be injected in everything. 
Here in MMM, love must be our ultimate drive to continue working for the good of the majority. The depth of our understanding into what a community is all about is very important. 
Let's be honest to ourselves, we have to stay and will continue providing help using our spare money only and we only ask help when we badly need it. So, here it is very clear that MMM is not a business nor an investment company. But MMM is a community of people providing help with each other. And since we already understand clearly why we are here, we should promote our community the way it is.
We are around 100 million people in the Philippines and I know that there are more or less 75% loving and giving people that we can meet anywhere in our country. So, our goal is to let them understand who we are here in MMM and for sure most of them will be excited to become part of our community. 
Let our love for MMM shine so brightly that it can brighten the minds of the people around us! Let's all love MMM in thoughts, words and in deeds and MMM will reign our land! God bless us all and together we can surely change the world!
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PostSubject: Re: Let's All Love MMM In Thoughts, Words And In Deeds!   Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:02 am

Power! Welcome po mam sa MMM Philippines Forum

It Nice To Be Important But Most Important Is To Be Nice!!
Together, we can do greater than we can imagine.
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Let's All Love MMM In Thoughts, Words And In Deeds!
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