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Welcome to MMM Philippines Community Forum for all MMM Participants to become updated and a place to go when they have concerns about discuss among the community. Strictly other business, activities or topic not involve with MMM is not allowed so please behaved. Thank You for cooperation. Together we can change the world.
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January 2019
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News from Sergey Mavrodi 10.01.2016 | MMM Philippines
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 News from Sergey Mavrodi 10.01.2016 | MMM Philippines

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PostSubject: News from Sergey Mavrodi 10.01.2016 | MMM Philippines    Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:44 pm

News from Sergey Mavrodi 10.01.2016 | MMM Philippines 

Hello! Here's the news. What news actually can there be? Everyone knows already about what happened. In that regard I would like to note the following: all of you can see, probably, what is happening on the world stock exchanges – everything is collapsing, prices of all shares are falling, in other words – cataclysm. But why is this cataclysm happening? Are there all these factories brought to naught? Went down the drain? Or what else has happened? All is in its place, the plants continue producing goods, but due to some reason, prices on these shares and plants are falling. Why? Because there's panic among investors. This is first, what panic, and secondly, the modern financial system stand for, where everything is completely deceptive, and virtual. That all these words about real assets, that MMM, as they say, isn't supported by anything, and some currencies are backed by everything. By what exactly? 

There are no real assets in the modern world. Everything is determined by investors' mood. As soon as they believe that everything's well – everything's all right. Since they cease to believe – everything is falling to the ground. It means that money made out of thin air. I'm constantly saying about it. 

This is an example of what panic and the modern world financial system mean. They say, for example, investors have lost for last few days trillions US dollars. What does it mean "lost"? Where have these trillions US dollars got to? As it decreased at some place it should increase somewhere else. However it didn't appear anywhere.

Money in the modern world are mere numbers. For example, there were ten trillions and went down to eight. Where did they disappear? Nowhere. I.e. they haven't ever existed. It's just all virtual. It's important to understand and remember it.

I'm completely convinced that all these events, in fact, work in our favor. This year 2016 will become the year of MMM. Because people gradually begin to see clearly. All these events just open their eyes. All roads lead to MMM. 

Nevertheless let me say it again that, it doesn't mean you can sit idle and do nothing. Nothing will fall down from the sky by itself. It's necessary to make efforts: tell people around you about the System, attract them to the System. Then everything will be excellent.

OK, I wanted in a habitual way, as life goes on, actually, I would like to congratulate this week new guiders, as usual, since there are new guiders appearing... well not appearing, but taking a further level. In this way I want to congratulate: Alex Oscar, Hunter Ladyred (real name Nonie Digal) and Johnna Bayani, who became 1K+ guiders this week. My congratulations and I'm asking others to follow their example. 

Besides, I want to note, that it's possible to summarize the year 2015: the Philippines held 954 offline events and opened 15 Community centres. To my mind these figures are very good. But of course, this year we need to leave them behind and we will do it. See you next time.

As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together we change the world!
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News from Sergey Mavrodi 10.01.2016 | MMM Philippines
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